About Us

Story About Us!

StratCon makes real measureable change through real measured engineering, technology and development.

Company Profile

The StratCon Group is devoted to making ideas a reality and projects successful. StratCon is committed to sustainability and viability of our actions. We measure our performance not only in terms of profits but our impact on the planet and people we interact with.

Our History

StratCon Australia Pty Ltd was incorporated in July 1994. StratCon Singapore Pte Ltd was incorporated in July 1999. The company provides services to the engineering and scientific community in a wide range of areas.

Our Mission

StratCon makes the small changes which will support the next ten thousand years of human civilisation, one step at a time.

Our Team

The Team comprises project managers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers, bioclimatic architects, environment engineering specialists; we can address readily with highly skilled competence all of your energy efficiency business needs.